LAMA Summer Music Program – “Early Bird” Special

Drum student records with LAMA band coach

It might feel like the new year just got here but summer is right around the corner. You might think summer is a time for barbecues, vacations, and going to the beach. However, if you are a musician, it is an important time to brush up on your musicianship. Lucky for you, LAMA offers its annual “Summer Music Program” but if you want to get in on the “Early Bird Special” you only have until May 3rd to sign up! This blog post will tell you all a little more about the Summer Music Program … see if it is something you might be interested in attending!

The program for Rock, Funk, and Jazz musicians takes place June 21st-24th and includes instruction and band performance workshops, while June 25th is reserved for the recording studio and student concert. Plus… some major perks! The faculty of the Summer Music Program features a wealth of world-class musicians, many of whom are regular instructors for our full-time programs. The best part about this whole program is it isn’t as big a time commitment as the degree programs LAMA offers and the Summer Music Program is open to our younger musicians! Most students are teens and adults, but children as young as 9 are welcome. Applicants must have at least one year of private instruction. Make sure to read all the details. Link to:

The entire program is broken up into “Band Workshops”, “Ensemble Workshops”, “Private Lesson”, “Rock Funk & Jazz Styles”, and “Recording Studio”:

“Band Workshops” –  you will be placed into different groups based on how well the faculty think you will mesh musically. You will write an original song, give a performance, and even record!

“Ensemble Workshops” – you get to perform with local, professional musicians and then get critiqued by the LAMA faculty. A bit better than playing to your Ipod at home, don’t you think?

“Private Lesson” – during this portion of the program you get an individual lesson from one of your teachers. This is a great opportunity to get some extra help on that one scale you can’t nail or bass riff that won’t come together.

“Rock, Funk & Jazz Styles” – this is the time where you want to open your mind and let other music styles seep into your musical database. Who knows, you might even like it!

“Recording Studio” –  Most students’ favorite part of the summer program. Not only do you get to learn how a recording studio works, but also you get to record one of your original songs.

Fellow musicians, don’t miss out on the summer of your life! We all know how tight money is for everybody, so make sure you do yourself a favor and get in on that early bird special. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact LAMA at 626-568-8850. There is always a very helpful person who can walk you through everything from housing to instrument storage; they’ll also be able to direct you to some strong coffee (hint: Starbucks in walking distance) to stay up for a late night jam session!

-LAMA Staff

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