Coachella: The Last Great Music Festival

(Watch Coachella Live on YouTube this weekend)

You’ve been to the best music festivals, seen every up-and-coming band the world has to offer but still haven’t been to Coachella (this weekend, April 14-16). Odds are there’s a couple reasons why you haven’t braved the infamous grass field.  Maybe it’s the price tag?  One ticket can run you upwards of 600 dollars…and that’s only if you get the opportunity to purchase one. This past year, Coachella sold out in record time.  Maybe it’s the drive then?  Heading out to Palm Springs for the weekend isn’t the most terrible thing in the world…so stop making excuses. Hop on Craigslist, pawn that dusty guitar you haven’t played in a year and get yourself a ticket to the music festival known only as Coachella. Tip: Read today’s LA Times article about “non-musical changes to expect this weekend.”

This is the ultimate definition of the Field of Dreams catch phrase, “If you build it, they will come”.   In the middle of Palm Desert music greats like Jay-Z, The Killers, Gorillaz, Cold War Kids, The Decemberists can be seen rocking to thousands under the stars.  But the brilliant piece to this event is the audience.  To look over the mountains and see a never-ending trail of headlights for a full 3 days…fans, friends, label executives all making the trek together– meeting in the middle of an empty field…each feeling like they are as much a part of the event as the headliner.  Beautiful.

Invested interest in any venture is the most powerful thing you could ask for.  After the price tag, drive, hotel cost or braving the campground…the Coachella crowd is invested. Not just monetarily, but also with something more.  They come prepared
to listen and be involved.  To participate fully.  To enjoy the fruits of their labor- not to be confused with entitlement.  Not to mention this is the nicest bunch of random people you will ever come across. So pack your bags, pick up some snacks for the roadtrip and make the pilgrimage with the rest of us.  See you there.

-LAMA Staff

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