Want a Guitar Job? Read This!

Over at Gibson’s blog, Arlen Roth, an American guitarist and Telecaster enthusiast wrote an entry about finding work as a guitarist:

…there are so many ways people enjoy music, that it seems that if one puts their mind to it, they can really make a living as a guitar player…

It’s true. We’ve written previously about all the wonderful careers in music (read: The Truth – Music Careers Part 2: Songwriting) and while the possibilities are endless, Arlen pushes an often overlooked revenue source for musicians: Teaching. Arlen discusses how there used to be an “un-coolness” factor for players to teach, but how the benefits outweigh the drawbacks:

I still felt the “forward motion” of my career, and I was getting further attention, not only for my teaching, but for the uniqueness of what I taught, and how it pertained to me as an artist!

Arlen has some additional thoughts about finding work as a guitarist. Read the full post here: http://www2.gibson.com/News-Lifestyle/Blogs/Arlen-Roth-s-Blog/June-2011/Finding-Work-as-a-Guitarist!.aspx?RSSName=Blogs

-LAMA Staff

3 responses to “Want a Guitar Job? Read This!”

  1. Martin says :

    I appreciate the information!! Im a guitar player and songwriter in Toronto and I know what its to be frustrated when nothing seems to come, this definitely made sense to me.

  2. Tony Hensich says :

    If we put our minds to anything, we will achieve our goals and dreams, learning how to make a career work with a guitar job is the same as anything. I know this will make a lot of sense to the people searching for answers, great post.

  3. tom smith says :

    There are a lot of professional musicians making a good living, either playing or teaching guitar. Stick with it. It’s very rewarding earning money doing something you love.

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