Inspire Me!

Has the music machine totally lost its backbone?  Where have musicians similar to Jimi Hendrix and Louis Armstrong gone?! They’re around, but not noticed. The music charts have become muddled with mediocre, fly by night pop-one-hit-wonder-sensations. Uber producers like Dr. Luke and Tricky Stewart have been cranking out platinum hits- and so they should during this phase of the music zeitgeist. While most are content with this musical mold, what about the rest of us? What about the ones that want more? What about the ones that want to be inspired?

All right, I get it. I could turn on Pandora and get my fix of digital tunes. Call me nostalgic, but I want terrestrial radio to take a stand on its own.  Big brother seems to be telling everyone in radio the same thing: “Play these 35 songs on repeat for the next 4 weeks.  Maybe we’ll mix a new one in next month…”.  When did we accept this?  When did we all sit back and agree that this should be the new format? Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t get an invite to that meeting…must have lost it in the mail huh?

I realize that terrestrial radio plays what’s most popular…I get it.  But lets have a station stand on its own two feet and play something out of the box.  Music affects all of us one way or another.  Undeniably.  So why not rotate artists that a) force us to think outside the box; b) enable us to hear different stories and c) give us inspiration to say “yes” instead of “no”.

At the end of the day, I think its only fair to appreciate all genres of music. From pop to classical they each have their own intricacies and are legitimate in their own right.  However, this doesn’t excuse the fact that terrestrial radio needs a serious overhaul with its programming.  Until then, I’ll stick to my vinyl and Pandora mixes.   -They inspire me.

-LAMA Staff

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