5 Smartphone Apps for Music Students

According to today’s article on CNET, smartphone demand continues to soar – more than 50% of all new cell phone purchases are smartphones. Whether the Blackberry, iPhone or Droid we see a lot of our music students walking around with a plenty of “high-IQ” phones. When you are done with your calls, texts and playing Angry Birds, don’t forget to check out some of the incredible musician-friendly apps that are not only fun but will keep your mind nice and sharp musically. Here are five of our faves:


Some people might not be fans of jazz, but you would be hard pressed to find a serious musician who doesn’t have appreciation for that genre. Some of the greatest musical minds come from Jazz. Have you ever jumped into a jam session and not known what scales to play over the chords? This amazing little App can figure out what key the jam is in by entering the chords and get you soloing in no time. Of course, if you are a jazz-focused LAMA student chances are you can do this by ear:



If you find that after your music theory classes, you still want to practice listening skills, check out the Harmonic Ear Trainer App! Harmonic Ear Trainer gives you the tools you need to master identifying the quality of intervals, triads and seventh chords. All intervals between a minor second and a perfect octave are included, as well as all common triads and seventh chords. Brush up on these skills – they will make you a better musician!



Kill some time with Ocarina, which turns your smart phone into an ancient flute. With no musical training required, you’ll “blow” away your friends and family with your new talent. If it sounds good with no musical training imagine what a LAMA voice student would be able to do with it:



It’s 2011, which means you can practice and learn more about the piano on your smartphone! Not only can you practice as you travel, you can also take lessons. Sure beats reading a newspaper!



What good is all this musical stuff if you can’t record it and play it for others? You don’t want to see what a four-track recorder used to look like in the 90s– the fact that one fits on your phone is incredible. Use this app to record vocals or even plug in instruments. They have a nifty feature where you can even upload directly to SoundCloud when you have a finished track. The future is now!


These are just SOME of our favorite apps, but there are thousands more to choose from in the various app stores. If you want to get extra creative, start your own app! Be careful though, don’t rely too much on technology. Your practice room and gear still need your love and attention.

All this talk about smartphones and musicians means we have to refer you to the band “Atomic Tom” — might have taken iPhone musicianship to the next level:

-LAMA Staff

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4 responses to “5 Smartphone Apps for Music Students”

  1. Alexis Goodnough says :

    Thank you for the post. Ive just bought an Ocarina just like the one from The Legend Of Zelda – Ocarina Of Time. Do you know you can play the same songs as in the game? Its incredible;)

  2. new smartphones coming soon says :

    nice list dude, i found good smartphone app list to learning music

  3. Sarah Henshaw says :

    I’m loving the Finger Piano app, but I’m driving the whole family crazy because they can’t get a look-in on the iPod Touch anymore!

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