Spotify in America

It’s not called the music business for nothing. As great as it is to know about music in general, if you aren’t following the business side of things, you are losing out on a lot of helpful info. A music subscription service called Spotify, that took Europe by storm the last few years, has now arrived in the States.

Spotify is a Swedish DRM-based music streaming service offering selected music from a range of major and independent record labels including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal. What separates it from other current streaming services is that their catalog is supposedly extensive, the software is excellent, and you are able to sync it with your smartphone. It is completely free to use Spotify on your computer, but the company makes their money by charging for the premium accounts which have smartphone sync. Monthly subscriptions range from $4.95 to $9.95.

We’ve heard from friends that the free catalog available to the US, for the moment, is rather limited unless you are a premium member. But the industry speculates a game changer for a long-suffering music business that has been searching for a new way to make money off of music. YouTube has shown us that the way of the future is streaming. You can think of Spotify like the music version of Netflix Streaming, which has been incredibly popular.

You can sign up for Spotify today if you buy a premium subscription, but free invites have been trickling out and you can request them by going to the or searching Twitter for a myriad of free invites from popular musicians and tech services. In fact Lady Gaga gave out a thousand invites over her Twitter recently. Same with Foursquare.

-LAMA Staff

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One response to “Spotify in America”

  1. Byron says :

    Zune Pass has been doing this for at least five years in America

    Zune Pass has ~11 million songs, is $15 a month, less if you subscribe yearly – lets you download songs like Spotify, lets you actually keep 10 of any song (DRM free) every month. It’s available on every XBOX 360, Windows Phone, and any browser.

    The best thing about it though is the service and the software, which actually take what you listen to and makes suggestions of new artists to try. It’s a phenomenal music discovery service which is going strong, but is never mentioned.

    It’s worth mentioning.

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