5 Tips: Get Music On The Cheap…Legally!

The way media make it out to be, seems like no one listens to music anymore. As self-proclaimed music fanatics, we here at LAMA are playing or listening to music all day long. The media also lead you to believe that if anybody is listening to music, they are doing so illegally (mostly by downloading from torrent sites). We like to support our alumni and faculty by getting our music the legal way. Believe it or not – this can all be done super cheap now. In this post, we offer 5 tips so your house is never silent. In the words of Henry Rollins, “Silence sucks!”:

Almost every town has one, no matter how small. You can find some amazing deals on used CDs. The media have it right, not many people are buying music anymore, so get in while the getting is good. Trade your old MC Hammer and Ace of Base CDs to buy the newest Muse or Kanye.

Tip – Most used record stores, like Amoeba Music near LAMA, offer a greater value if you trade in used CDs as opposed to getting cash in return.

Think of all the record companies out there, and all the record stores, now imagine all the consumers who are sick of their CDs or ripped them already…Guess where most of that product ends up? Ebay! Often times, the brand new shrink wrapped CDs are just as economical as the used. Be weary of used CDs on Ebay, there is little thing with accountability when it comes to scratches.

Who uses physical products anymore to listen to music? It’s all about the cloud man. From Spotify to Napster to Turntable.FM to Pandora- there are TONS of free music-streaming services. Don’t forget YouTube! Now with Vevo, it is completely legal to stream as much music as you want. It’s pretty crazy, we remember having to take the bus to buy David Bowie records for $19.99 at Tower Records! Now you can stream his ENTIRE catalog in one click.

What if I told you that you could wake up every morning and get CDs of the newest and most underground acts delivered to your doorstep, for free, each day? If you have a music blog, this could be a reality! Unsigned musicians are desperate for publicity of any kind (stay tuned for our Music Publicity 101 blog coming soon). If you start a Tumblr, WordPress, or Blogspot and include an address, say that you accept music review submissions- watch how fast you can start getting CDs in the mail. All it will cost you is some time listening to music and posting short reviews. Sounds like a good trade-off to us.

Just because everyone in the world is listening to music on his or her fancy smartphones, doesn’t mean you can’t go old school to save a bit of money. Often times some of the best deals are on older technology like vinyl records and cassettes. You can find a cheap turntable on Craigslist and many cars still come equipped with tape players. A few months ago I got an old Sonic Youth cassette tape that I have been driving around with and it sounds really great and was only a dollar. Stop at that garage sale or visit relatives and see if they have their old record collections from the 70’s. They might be able to donate to your recorded music fund.

I left something off the list; the cheapest way to get free music is to start a band and make your own music! But until that time, you might want to use our tips listed above to get you listening in no time. Did we leave something off the list? Make sure to let us know what your favorite way to get music on the cheap is.

-LAMA Staff

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4 responses to “5 Tips: Get Music On The Cheap…Legally!”

  1. Sean says :

    Great and true tips. Some of the best records I have came from the thrift stores. Ya got to dig!!!

  2. Mandi Sweazy says :

    I enjoyed the post. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. Best Turntables says :

    I also love garage sales. Especially for collecting vinyl. I have scored many fantastic records in pristine condition for a dollar or so. And another great source for the younger generation is parents! The great thing about vinyl is that people don’t know the full worth of some old albums and you can get real bargains.

  4. JG Drysocket says :

    I really enjoy reading your post very informative.. keep posting

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