5 Tips: What Not to Do at a Gig

Playing a live performance is a big deal! What you see is what you get. Henry Rollins said “the only way to know for sure” (that a musician is legit) is to see them live.” We have compiled this handy list of What Not To Do when playing live concerts.  We’ve even included documented footage to assist you 🙂


Too many bands think playing a performance is the easiest thing in the world that it will be like mastering Guitar Hero or Rock Band. It will take lots of practice before you are ready to showcase your art for the world. Make sure you are well rehearsed before you expose yourself to the world.

Joaquin Phoenix learned this the hard way with his drunken debut of his rapping alter-ego! It recently came to light that this was all an elaborate ruse but the point remains the same. Make sure you are ready before you premiere your band!


Playing a concert is no different than an athletic performance. You need to know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. If alcohol makes you a little tipsy don’t overdo it! Get enough sleep before your show! And make sure you are hydrated and well-fed. Most importantly, if you know you have physical limitations when it comes to a dance move, err on the side of caution or you could end up like Latin vocalist Juan Gabriel!


The stage dive is a long held tradition of musicians of all stripes and creeds. It’s really quite simple— you look out into the crowd, locate a large concentration of bodies, and dive! Musicians: take warning – do not dive where there are no people or you will get very hurt… like this guy!


Rock N’ Roll can be a scary business when the crowd turns on you! Just ask Nickelback’s lead singer. After a nightmare concert filled with boos and misunderstandings, the crowd began pelting the lead singer of Nickelback with rocks! A true musician would know to assume the Rock N’ Roll Ninja pose and strike any object that could come your way — or the easier version, get the hell off the stage, and fast! Music is a lot like the real world— if you let your guard down you might get hit!


Most songs have them at some point: a huge giant vocal note or crescendo. The only recommendation we can offer you is be damn sure you can hit it before you try! Practice it adequately BEFORE the day of the gig so it is second nature when it’s the real thing. One need only check out this video of Whitney Houston to avoid this embarrassment!

These are the immediate 5 suggestions coming to mind — avoid these blunders. With everyone having a camera phone, you can see how easily your limitations can be broadcast to the world! If you are a LAMA student, consider yourself lucky because we have a performance stage and lots of student performances to help you hone your craft. Not to mention, the faculty have easily played a combined 10,000 concerts! If you take only one thing from this article— we beg you, don’t stage dive into concrete!

-LAMA Staff

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