5 Gnarly Kid Performances

Kids shred Phoenixville’s Rock & Roll After School

It’s time to recognize the children…not screaming babies on the airplane, or dirty diapers and messes they leave behind. But we want to highlight them playing music! It seems every day google alerts come in: “8 year old drums black page”or “6 year old blazes through November Rain” so we compiled a list of just 5 of the gnarliest kids performances found on YouTube…though there are so many more. What other ones do you think we need to watch?

Insane Guitar Kid – We remember learning the guitar in Junior High and trying to master Jimmy Page’s Stairway To Heaven solo. How about at 5 years old!?

System of a Down-Toxicity, Drum Cover, 5 Year Old Drummer, Jonah Rocks – This video needs no explanation just watch! Let’s get this kid to Drummer’s Reality Camp next year!

The Next Mozart? 6-Year Old Piano Prodigy Wows All- Could this 6 year old really be the next Mozart? After watching her skills she very well may be!

O Holy Night – Incredible child singer 7 yrs old – Get this girl to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl!

Little Boy Singing The Blues In A Guitar Store. What great pipes on this kid! Must watch.

Hope you enjoyed all these videos LAMA-heads. You better practice extra hard this semester there is going to be some stiff competition from the next generation!

-LAMA Staff

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3 responses to “5 Gnarly Kid Performances”

  1. Kenda says :

    These are some incredibly gifted children. Amazing!

  2. rideonsforchildren says :

    This performance is really mazing .
    I love this kid!

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