5 Random Music Videos That We Love

We love YouTube. There has never been a better time for watching great videos. There has also never been a bigger distraction from getting things done! Despite the busy life at LAMA, we all deserve a bit of time to chill and enjoy random, amazing music videos.

GENE SIMMONS AND PAUL STANLEY OF KISS BICKER DURING INTERVIEW – You can cut through the tension between these two with a knife. Could the rumors be true that they don’t speak at all anymore? It wouldn’t surprise us from this video.

KIRK HAMMET OF METALLICA (UNINTENTIONALLY) KICKS A LITTLE GIRL ON STAGE – Ouch! That has to hurt. Nobody ever said Rock N’ Roll was safe! Don’t let your children near a Metallica stage.

THE LONELY ISLAND PERFORM “I’M ON A BOAT” – Frank Zappa famously said that humor belongs in music. We couldn’t agree more! This song always makes us giggle and we love the cameo by T-Pain!

FASTEST GUITAR SHREDDING EVER? – The jury is still out – but the guy definitely has some chops! What say you?

SLAYER MOSH PIT DURING “RAINING BLOOD” – Do we really need a reason to post this?

Hope you enjoy these videos. We might make this a weekly occurrence!

What are your favorite music videos or music-related videos?

-LAMA Staff

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3 responses to “5 Random Music Videos That We Love”

  1. dancedeafstydance says :

    hahaha i am on a boat feels so out of place with the rest of the videos 😛

  2. ricksantorumforpresident says :

    Check out my friend Dyce Kimura shredding some blues in his YouTube video lesson.

    Electric Blues Guitar Lesson #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AA-s4Cg-9lo

  3. Brian Hughes says :

    For you Bob Marley fan’s check out my friend Dyce Kimura’s YouTube video lesson.

    Acoustic Guitar Lesson “Stir it up”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmyj9Uoq4_8

    Contact Dyce http://www.dycekimura.com/

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