Mogees Turn Any Surface Into Musical Instrument

In yesterday’s Discovery article “Any Surface Becomes a Musical Instrument”, we learned about a creation from Bruno Zamborlin.

As part of his arts and computational technologies Ph.D. project, Zamborlin, in collaboration with Norbert Schnell and Frederic Bevilacqua, created “Mosaicing Gestural Surface,” or Mogees.

Stick Mogees nearly anywhere — a tree, car, mirror, perhaps a piece of cheese — either way, the microphone will pick up vibrations and present them as real-time sounds. Audio samples can be programmed into the device for even more fun. You could literally transform your car dashboard into a marimba or xylophone.

Check out the video here:

-LAMA Staff

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5 responses to “Mogees Turn Any Surface Into Musical Instrument”

  1. Jamaika Urlaub says :

    especially handy when you travel. and an eye-catcher.
    thanks for the movie.

  2. business blog says :

    This is amazing. I bet If I get it if I produce many times better tunes than bollywood and single handedly.

  3. Justine says :

    Reason 4 is a pgrarom which is really good for composing and for recording you can consider Mixcraft4its best for you

  4. technology says :

    Would be quite interesting to see other opinions regarding this.

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