Black Eyed Cars

Will.I.Am makes us think of flashy outfits and catchy music (the kind you love or hate). Could car designer be next? According to a recent article in the Huffington Post Will.I.Am is starting a car company called “IAMAUTO”. The musician appeared on Jay Leno who is no stranger to cars himself to promote it. “Mr. I am” says that he wanted to start “IAMAUTO” to “bring jobs back to the ghetto that I came from”.  Will.I.Am grew up in the infamous “Estrada Courts”   housing project in Boyle Heights which is usually known for being predominantly Mexican.

via Huffington Post

Think this is a car story and not a music story? Think again! If you are a musician you MUST BE thinking of alternate revenue streams. The sale of recorded music is at an all time low so it is great to see a musician thinking WAY outside the box. We also noted that Will.I.Am naturally announced Beats By Dre technology would be providing the car audio. While we don’t know if this news has Detroit shaking in our boots we can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

-LAMA Staff

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3 responses to “Black Eyed Cars”

  1. wamisha says :

    But I think this is easier to do when you are an established musician and you have the resources. But for a starter musician, i think it would be little tough because you really need to work hard to do well and life gets really busy when you are also engaged in other things.

  2. Branson hotel deals says :

    This will certainly be a big considering the design and the owner of the car company.

  3. Rose says :

    An artist will always show its creativity no matter what material. Car design will make him show his genius and artistry.

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