Feature: 5 Questions with Aaron Wittman

We really want to learn about why students made the decision to study music here in Los Angeles. So we launched a new series here on Get to the Music5 Questions — featuring 6th Quarter LA Music Academy students. It’s also an opportunity for them to tell us about upcoming projects and plans for after graduation. Introducing, Aaron Wittman!
Aaron Wittman
LA Music Academy Drum Department
Q: Why did you choose to attend LA Music Academy?
A: I was told that if I was serious about playing music I should attend the Los Angeles Music Academy. I wanted to learn different styles of music and have teachers that know what they are talking about.
Q: What is the best part about studying music in Los Angeles?
A: The best part is that you are always around music, it may it be somebody jamming or practicing but there is always something happening. And the teachers are around to answer your questions and give you advice and let you know what is going on in the music industry today so that you are prepared when you get out of here. You are also around people who are in the same state of mind – musically.
Q: Who is your favorite instructor at LA Music Academy and why?
A: It’s hard to choose favorites but if I had to I would have to say Ralph Humphrey just because he has so much knowledge in different aspects of drumming, be it in the studio or live – he knows what he is talking about.
Q: Why did you start playing music?
A: I started playing because there was always music playing in my household and I grew up listening to different styles and I was hooked on it right from the start and since I’ve never looked back.
Q: What are your plans after graduating LA Music Academy (also use this opportunity to talk about upcoming or current projects)?
A:  After graduating I will continue playing around town everywhere I can, keep up with networking contacts and continue with the studio dates I have booked with various artists.
-LAMA Staff

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