#Fact: Music School Grads Earn More as Artists

We tried to warn you. Getting a degree from a music school like LA Music Academy (LAMA) is more important than ever. According to a new article in the money section of FutureofMusic.org, going to Music School shows an impact on artists’ earnings.

This is the quote that really spoke to us from the article:

We found that music school or conservatory graduates were more likely to be earning more, working more, and were more likely to have a graduate degree.

To read the entire article yourself click here.

-LAMA Staff

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2 responses to “#Fact: Music School Grads Earn More as Artists”

  1. Joanna X says :

    I mean I guess it all comes down to what kind of musicians you want to be and what you want to do after you get your degree. But this is interesting.

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