Should Cell Phones be Banned at Concerts and Shows?

A new article from NPR’s Bob Boilen continues the fast growing debate about appropriateness of using (or not using) your cell phone to shoot photos, video and also “socialize” (tweet) from a show. We welcome the discussion because being a concertgoer is very different than what it was like 10-20 years ago, thanks to today’s technology.

A lot of us are tech-savvy, multi-tasking music fans that want to share our experience with others — and we want to share now! And as Bob says, it’s not like there aren’t plenty of other distractions at a music venue or club. What say you — should cell phones and photos at concerts (big venues or small clubs) be banned? Would you follow the rules or not? Voice your opinions here!

-LAMA Staff

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4 responses to “Should Cell Phones be Banned at Concerts and Shows?”

  1. jorge says :

    the times always change

  2. Luke says :

    Absolutely they should be banned, you never watch the damn concert, you stand there staring at the little screen on your phone, and for the rest of us who are actually watching the show, it’s distracting, we want to say “just watch the damn show!! You’re missing the whole thing!!!!”
    It’s really irritating and if I never see another phone in the air at a concert that would just be pure heaven.

  3. Charles says :

    Musicman says: I am a long time musician and have been doing shows for years. This is how bad it has got now, back in the 80’s my past bands would occasionally have to compete with the horrid pool tables but, now it is the dreaded cell phones!!! People have become so detached at a live show with there cell phones, you now have a room full or half a room of people that do not interact with the band anymore. As a musician, this is the rudest behavior from a performers point of view I can think of. No my band does not suck. We are all musical veterans and have been at this game for many years, trust me. I personally have opened for many national acts etc, in the past so, I have had years of audience experiences and believe me it is a whole new game out there and frankly it becoming depressing with this new trend.
    The smartest thing clubs can do now is “not provide free wifi” within the venue. It is killing audience participation. (Oh yea, TV’s to) Guess what else, the whole time you are trying to film the show you are missing out on what’s right in front of you, no really. As a musician we need audience participation. Why do you think we are there in the first place? Crowd interaction is key to a great show!!! We trade energy all night,,, if you are not on your cell phones. Just did a show last night and it was almost the worst I had ever experienced because of this.
    Enough already. If you want to see a live band then go because you are in to the music. If you want to be rude with your phones then stay home, you are there for the wrong reasons in the first place. Live bands don’t need it. They are there to entertain you and hopefully you will have a great night to remember. Please do your live bands a great service and leave or turn your phones off. “You will be surprised how great reality can be”. Give it a try. Everyone that night will benefit greatly!!!!!
    I think I have made my point for many bands out there. This blog was for you!!! Keep making any kind of music!!!!! Wish all bands the best, Musicman

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