Sean Halley Music Producer Quick Tip – “Microphone Patterns”

Sean Halley has been actively making a living in some musical or musically technical form since he began playing live club gigs at 17. Years where he played 280+ gigs were not uncommon, in addition to the full-time studio life that began professionally in college. In addition to writing and performing music for himself, he has also spent a lifetime on “both sides of the glass”.

He has produced a large number of indie pop and singer/songwriter records, sometimes playing all of the instruments but live drums. these projects range in genre from drop B metal and roots country, to torch pop and hip hop, with nearly everything in between (but he hasn’t done a zydeco project yet. anyone do zydeco?).  Sean is the chair of the Music Production department at LAMA.

In this quick tip Sean gives a lesson on “Microphone Patters”:

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-LAMA Staff

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  1. videosle says : thank you very much

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