LAMA Students Contribute Original Song to “Get Together Girls”

One of the elements of LAMA that we are most proud of is the large number of  international students attending the school at any given time. This year is no exception! Recently, three of LAMA’s Ethiopian students — Etsegenet Mekonnen (Guitar), Kibrom Ashebir (Music Proudction) and Nefthalem Assegid Mulat (former Vocal program student) — contributed to a new documentary called “Get Together Girls”. The filmmakers phoned LAMA looking for musicians that could help them get the right sound.

Described on its Facebook page as “a story of women and community with a touch of creativity,” Get Together Girls focuses on teaching former street girls to be self reliant and support themselves and their families through fashion and creativity, learning all the manual skills that the tailoring projects requires. The film recently had a successful screening at the Women’s Independent Film Festival in West Hollywood and the students go to see their contribution up on the big screen. Here is the trailer it looks fantastic!

Get Together Girls – TRAILER from Vanessa Crocini on Vimeo.

-LAMA Staff

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