LAMA Spotlight: Local Eats

So you just aced your drumming exam. You’re exhausted and hungry! You are tired of Burger King so it’s time to check out other choices around campus and Pasadena in particular. We’re going to highlight a few local shops that keep us healthy and won’t break the bank, plus they are nearby! We also surveyed the LAMA Facebook page and added additional suggestions below:

1. Saladang – 363 South Fair Oaks Avenue  Pasadena, CA 91105 

Distance from campus: 30 ft 

Authentic Thai food just a few feet from campus? You KNOW that we eat here about once a week. From the fried tofu to the Stir-Fried Eggplant it is hard to go wrong here. For you vegetarians out there make sure you notice that their vegetarian Dishes are prepared with Fish Sauce so if you are allergic you might want to request if they can prepare it without.

Check out what other eaters have to say about Saladang on their Yelp page here.

2. Porta Via Italian Foods – 1 W California Blvd #312 Pasadena, CA 91105 

Distance from campus: .3 miles

Porta Via describes it like this on their website “At Porta Via, our passion is creating delicious foods inspired by the vibrant flavors of Italy, the Mediterranean and California in a modern café-style atmosphere that’s as warm and welcoming as an old neighborhood market. Our ingredients are fresh, our sandwiches handcrafted, and our soups made from original family recipes.” We cannot say enough for the atmosphere it really does make you feel like you are in a hip Italian cafe. You may get swayed by the delicious sandwiches but if you are health conscious you must try a “make it like you want it” salad. They give it to you in a large bowl and it is scrumptious.

Check out what other eaters have to say about Porta Via on their Yelp page here.

3. Zushi – 133 W California Blvd Pasadena, CA 91105

Distance from campus: .4 miles

Is there ever a bad time for sushi? In our world there isn’t. Located just .4 miles from campus Zushi will give you your fill of Avocado rolls, Edamame, and any kind of sushi you can think of!  Japanese food is often known as one of the healthiest cuisines ever. Bands that tour Japan often come back quite a few pounds lighter. Bonus tip: If you like spice load up your sushi with Wasabi to clean your palate!

Student/Alumni suggestions, in no particular order:

  • Philly’s
  • Burger Continental
  • Tender Greens
  • King Taco
  • Lucky Boy
  • Dog Haus
  • Vince’s Deli
  • Islands
  • Dona Rosa
  • Taco Trucks (walk outside LAMA’s front entrance and look left)
  • Rubio’s
  • Gerlachs
  • Pita Pita
  • Zankou Chicken
  • Heirlooms

There you go LAMA students! Just writing this article got us pretty hungry so we are going to take a walk over to Porta Via and grab us a salad. If you get a chance to check out any of these places we would love to see your pics — post them on our Facebook wall or Tweet us. Happy eating!

-LAMA Staff

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3 responses to “LAMA Spotlight: Local Eats”

  1. Juana says :

    “LAMA Spotlight: Local Eats | Get to the Music” genuinely got me personally addicted on your page!

    Idefinitely will be back again even more frequently.
    Many thanks -Stephania

  2. Ulei de argan says :

    I allways try not to eat at places like Burger King when I have the exams. Try to eat only natural food and rest alot.

  3. cremabio says :

    You need to rest alot before exams. this works

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