LAMA Experience Visits 16 European Cities


If you have been following along here for the last couple years you have probably heard us mention LAMA experience, an ongoing series of interactive clinics, workshops and concerts hosted around the world in collaboration with LAMA College for Music Professionals, its partners and alumni. Attendees have the opportunity to audition for admission and apply for a scholarship to LAMA ( Most importantly, they will see what it’s like to learn at a music college in Los Angeles and get an inside look at the various Music Performance and Music Producer degree programs offered by LAMA.

We are pleased to announce the schedule for 2013:

4/15/13 – Ljusdals kommun Slottegymnasiet, Ljusdal, SWEDEN
4/16/13 – Staffangymnasiet, Söderhamn, SWEDEN
4/17/13 – Vasaskolan, Gävle, SWEDEN
4/19/13 – Rytmus Stockholm, SWEDEN
4/22/13 – Den Rytmiske Højskole, Vig, DENMARK
4/23/13 – Cybergymnasiet, Malmö, SWEDEN
4/24/13 – Mora, St. Mikaelskolan
4/25/13 – Leksands Gymnasium, Leksand SWEDEN
4/26/13 – Rockgymnasiet, Örebro SWEDEN
5/2/13 – Music Academy Deutschland, Stuttgart, GERMANY
5/3/13 – Music Academy Deutschland, Cologne, GERMANY
5/5/13 – Music College Hannover, GERMANY
5/7/13 – Jazzclub Kammerlichtspiele, Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA
5/8/13 – VMI, Vienna, AUSTRIA
5/13/13 – Swiss Drum Academy, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
5/16/13 – CIAM, Bordeaux, FRANCE

For more information, visit

-LAMA Staff

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