LAMA, Fermatta, The Institute Form IAMCU


We are so excited to join The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (London, England) and Academia de Música Fermatta (Mexico City and Guadalajara; Mexico) as the founding schools launching the International Association of Music Colleges and Universities (IAMCU).

To celebrate the launch of IAMCU, the association  announced it has partnered with UNICEF for a special collaborative project to mark the 50th anniversary of the seminal album, “With the Beatles.” The international project is led by students from  all three schools and they will recreate The Beatles second album, originally released in 1963. Proceeds will support UNICEF educational programs. The album features student producers, engineers, arrangers, musicians and bands from all three schools; each song must feature at least one remote contribution from the other two institutions.

Terry Lippman, an entertainment industry veteran who recently joined Fermatta as Assistant Director of Academic Review, has a career spanning over 30 years and has been involved with artists such as David Bowie and legendary producer Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones). He says:

The ‘Reimagining’ project is one of the most forward thinking educational programs for music professionals I think I have ever encountered. It’s wonderful to see top professional music education institutions engaging in endeavors like this one.

The album is projected for release on the 50th anniversary of its original debut: November 22nd 2013.

-LAMA Staff

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