These 5 Guitars Are Not The Usual Suspects

You walk into Guitar Center. It is a mix of loud noodling, musicians of all skills and ages, and the unmistakable smell of gear and instruments.  If you are guitar player you look over at the wall of guitars and will likely see Gibsons, Fenders and the like. But what about trying out a different guitar? In this this article we point out 5 of our favorites that are a bit under the radar.

1.  Parker Guitars

Parker Guitars!

Parker Guitars!

Parker Guitars is an American manufacturer of electric guitars and basses, started by luthier Ken Parker in the early 90s. Parker is most famous for making the Parker Fly. Parker guitars are characterized by being thin and lightweight guitars; they are generally made from lighter woods like poplar, Basswood, and spruce, although there is a mahogany Fly. They have composite materials (resin and carbon glass skin), to reinforce a thin carved body and neck. Fingerboards are composite, and use stainless steel frets. Electronics include the integrated use of coil split humbuckers and piezo pickups with active circuitry.

2.Reverend Guitars

Reverend Guitars!

Reverend Guitars!

Reverend has grown from auspicious beginnings to become one of the fastest growing, and most respected US guitar companies today. Based in the greater Detroit area, Reverend enjoys worldwide acclaim, having established an extensive US and international dealer network, an enviable artist roster, and numerous industry awards.

 3.Radix Guitars

Radix Guitars!

Radix Guitars!

Radix Guitars Indonesia founded on a solid ground of long experience in design and production of the best Indonesian guitars. Endless spirit to produce better quality guitars every moment is always at the hear of every Radix team.

4. Becker Guitars

Becker Guitars

Becker Guitars

Becker Guitars began in 1995 as a repair shop in the basement of founder Dan Becker. Becker Guitars is a boutique guitar manufacturer located in Attleboro, Massachusetts. They specialize in producing hand made custom electric guitars and basses. In addition to building guitars, Becker Guitars operates a guitar repair and restoration shop. Famous artists include The Disco Biscuits.

5. Lanquedoc Guitars



Lanquedoc Guitars  is common name for fans of the band Phish. As the bands original soundman Mr. Lanquedoc branched off on his own and created Lanquedoc Guitars.  The guitars featurs carved bookmatched top and back plates, parallel braced top, bent rim sides, kerfed linings, full binding all around, bound traditional f-holes, and a curly maple neck with an integrated re-enforcement/dual acting truss rod system of my own design. The sound chamber is carefully sized to react with an amplifier so that desirable harmonics are emphasized, and the standard electronics provide the most useful tonal variations in an easy layout.

These are just a few of our favorite obscure guitar companies. Now with the internet the world is truly flat and you can have access to all these great companies. If you want to try them out in person we suggest that you visit a locally owned music shop in your town. Which ones did we miss?

-LAMA Staff

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