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Music Codewords


Can you use your musical powers to decode this note (source unknown)?

-LAMA Staff

House Music

Get it? Well…do ya??

Hugh Laurie was the central star in Fox’s long running medical drama, House. Apparently, he plays a mean guitar too:

Happy Friday all!

-LAMA Staff

Guitar Picks Can be So Hard to Find

We’ll be picking up more and more music memes to share with our music loving audience! Don’t know what a meme is? KNOW YOUR MEME (click that link to find out about things like “Y U NO” guy)!

For our readers who run businesses, are musicians or in bands that use social media, memes are a great way to get creative with your audience too — creating your own memes increases the chances of your content being liked and shared to a greater audience. With that… Guitar Pick, Y U NO easy to find?


-LAMA Staff

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