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Meet LAMA’s New Director of Admissions – Ashley Roberts!

LAMA Ashley

We are very excited to introduce LAMA’s new Director of Admissions, Ashley Roberts! She joined our staff earlier this month so be sure to say hello and help give her a warm LAMA welcome! From Ashley:

I am so pleased to have joined the LAMA Staff! LAMA is at a great time of growth and I am happy to be working with such a successful team in a dynamic college. I look forward to contributing to the team’s efforts and helping students along with their musical careers.

-LAMA Staff

LAMA Bass Instructor Spotlight: Andre Berry


The LAMA bass department is something special and that’s in large part due to our wonderful collection of faculty members assembled by Bass Department Chair Jerry Watts Jr. We’d like to feature the bass instructors on this blog over the next couple weeks, beginning with Andre Berry.

Originally from Cleveland, OH, Andre moved to LA in 1985 to attend the Los Angeles City College Music Program, where he studied under Doc Simpson and Woody James. After four years of classes, he landed his first big road gig in 1989 with the Busboys. Andre then went on to join A&M Records recording artist Total Eclipse. Since then, he has performed and/or recorded with Dave Koz, George Duke, Warren Hill, Marcus Miller, Danny Jung, Jeffrey Osbourne, Tom Scott and the L.A. Express, Mindi Abair, Dave Benoit, The Brothers Johnson, Rick Braun, Peter White, Jeff Golub, Steve Ferrone, A Tribe Called Quest, Paul Jackson, Jr., and many others.

Andre offers playing tips on the LAMA youtube channel as well:

We are so proud to have Andre as a member of LAMA. To see information on all our other Bass faculty members please visit here. Watch Andre in action:

-LAMA Staff

You Know You’re a Music Student When…

Summer Camp Students at LAMA College for Music Professions

1. You use scales to study music, not to make measurements in science class.

2. Instead of listening to your iPod in between classes you are performing the songs on your iPod DURING classes.

3. Rather than studying in the library you are recording in the studio.

4. Your teacher not only has a PHd but a Grammy as well!

5. While your friends are studying Protons you are studying ProTools!

So musician friends…what other ways do someone know they are a music student?

-LAMA Staff

LAMA College for Music Professionals – Virtual Photo Tour

Just in time for today’s Open House at LAMA College for Music Professionals (2:00pm, Oct. 13, 2012), the Get to the Music Blog got its hands on these photos (by @verofoto) — we’ve turned them into the first LA Music Academy Virtual Tour! 🙂 Click the thumbnail for a much bigger image… have questions? Ask them in the comments below or tweet us at @LAmusicacademy and use #LAMAopenhouse in your tweet! -LAMA Staff

Yelp and Music School Reviews

We really like Yelp, but don't think it should be used for helping you choose your college education!

Yelp.com is a fine place to discover great food or where to shop or hangout. And if you’re like us, you check your Yelp app before heading out to avoid poor establishments, roaches and bad service. But what about bypassing college counselors, books at the library, visiting college campuses and open houses, and turning to the noted academics at Yelp for help decide on a college </sarc>?

Yes, that Yelp. The one where you complain about a new pizzeria or after you get that bad haircut at Supercuts. But we’ve been noticing a growing problem, as more and more reviews pop up for some fellow music schools around the country. There’s a lot of misinformation and misguided reviewers — let’s take some examples from real life Yelpers:

1)”The financial department is disorganized. The school’s bank still owes me money for a mistake they made 2 years ago. Doesn’t look like I’ll be getting that $ any time soon.”

Frankly, if that is true, any attorney would be happy to help you out with that one. This doesn’t really speak about the quality of the music education however, just a completely separate legal issue. It can be handled by your attorney or your credit card company. Instead of commenting on Yelp get a lawyer or
“get loud” and persistent. Talk to your financial department openly and ask for a supervisor if you have problems resolving your account.

2)”Stay away from the wrong people. And if you are normal- stay away from the streets at night.”

Hmmm. If you don’t want to be with a bad crowd or study in the “city,” choose a music school away from all of that. A school like LAMA for example is located in beautiful old-town Pasadena where you can walk down the street any time and stay safe! All one would have to do is tour the school to know that a certain location may not be right for you. This particular Yelper probably didn’t read our “Why Location Matters With Music School” blog post 🙂

3) “My ex spent $30,000 going here to master his drumming techniques.  He graduated, and now he delivers pizza and lives in a garage.”

Resentful much? While slightly humorous, this review is silly. First of all, why is the person who DIDN’T go to the music school reviewing it on Yelp? We can’t help but wonder if this is a case of someone being scorned and taking it out on Yelp like some in that community are known to do. Secondly – if this is true about him delivering pizza and living in a garage he definitely didn’t go to a school where they have a whole section on their website dedicated to careers as well as a career guidance portion, not to mention staff members whose sole job is to guide you to a successful career. Research your schools before you choose to attend them, musicians!

4)”I was actually thinking about going to school here for also drumming but the $$$ thing scares me a bit and all my musician friends in the industry keep saying its not worth the money…..I think I might take their advice and just continue to get private lessons and practice practice practice!”

Let’s think about that for a moment — take private music lessons and you’ll know how quickly those costs add up. Private lessons don’t allow much networking with fellow students or exemplary, seasoned faculty. Do you get clinics and performances by superstars in music during those lessons? What about getting a degree from your private instructor? Doesn’t seem like a solid approach. We’d like to see lessons –> College –> play/teach professionally. These people are not reading this blog. Otherwise they would see our post on how much more musicians with degrees make than those without!

There you have it musicians! This is about all of the fact checking we could handle for one day. The moral of the story — do the research and be smart about it! Call every school you are thinking of going to and ask them to send materials in the mail, go visit the schools, do the hard work. Good luck!

-LAMA Staff

#Fact: Music School Grads Earn More as Artists

We tried to warn you. Getting a degree from a music school like LA Music Academy (LAMA) is more important than ever. According to a new article in the money section of FutureofMusic.org, going to Music School shows an impact on artists’ earnings.

This is the quote that really spoke to us from the article:

We found that music school or conservatory graduates were more likely to be earning more, working more, and were more likely to have a graduate degree.

To read the entire article yourself click here.

-LAMA Staff

5 Tips: Get a Music Scholarship

LA Music Academy distributed this press release last week to help spread the word about scholarships available to music students for its drums, guitar, bass, vocals and music production departments.

The deadline for LAMA’s Spring 2012 semester is November 15th.

In the press release, LA Music Academy Vice President Mike Packer gives us five tips for your best shot at being awarded a scholarship from the college. Read below:

LA Music Academy Scholarships Available Now

 Application Deadline for Bass, Drums, Guitar, Vocals and Music Production is November 15th

 Pasadena, CA – October  2011 – Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music (http://www.lamusicacademy.edu) announced today merit-based scholarships are available now for the school’s Bass, Drums, Vocal, Guitar and Music Production Departments; the submission deadline for the Spring 2012 semester is November 15th. The school’s president, Tom Aylesbury, suggests incoming students take full advantage of these financial opportunities which can significantly help lower tuition and financial stress associated with attending high-end colleges.

“LA Music Academy offers various levels of scholarships in addition to financial aid for its performance degree and diploma programs,” says Aylesbury. “In addition to the coveted $20,700 Charles T. Aylesbury Memorial Scholarship and the Al Jarreau Vocal Scholarship ($13,800), each department awards an ‘outstanding’ performance scholarship. Several other performance scholarships, valued anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000, will also be awarded.”

Interested domestic and international students demonstrating exceptional musical talent, ability and enthusiasm can apply now and are evaluated based on essays, transcripts, academic promise, results of the performance audition and letters of recommendation. Aylesbury, however, offers words of caution to interested applicants. “Some of the musicians don’t present themselves to the best of their ability. This decreases the quality of their submissions and chances of being awarded a scholarship,” says Aylesbury. He says the school’s scholarship committee offers five tips for a potential applicant’s best chance at being awarded a scholarship, including:

  1. When answering the questionnaire, be sure to draft a clear vision of a future career and how LA Music Academy can help with the journey.
  2. Keep in mind that scholarship applications are graded on these three categories.
    • Performance
    • Transcripts, letters of recommendation
    • Essay
  3. Performance videos are required, therefore production quality and presentation will affect the decision process. Wear more than just shorts. “No shirt, no shoes, no service!”
  4. Essays should demonstrate the dedication of being a future leader in the industry and portray a strong personality.
  5. Spend time on the submission, and make sure it is professionally presented and perfect the performance video as much as possible.

The school is known for giving its students big responsibilities from day one; whether playing in ensembles with some of Los Angeles’s finest professional studio musicians and performers or having to make their way through one of the world’s most intense lesson plans. “We are looking for future leaders of the music industry,” says Aylesbury.

The Academy is known for the personal attention that students receive from instructors and its warm and welcoming campus in Pasadena, which is central to many of the entertainment hotspots in Los Angeles. LA Music Academy graduates have gone on to perform with artists such as Chick Corea, Jeff Beck, Lifehouse, Ricky Martin, Hilary Duff, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, The Calling, Sepultura and Airto.

For more information about Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music, visit http://www.lamusicacademy.edu, call 626-568-8850 or e-mail info@lamusicacademy.edu. LA Music Academy is located at 370 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105. Facebook: www.facebook.com/LAmusicacademy. Follow the school on Twitter: @LAmusicacademy. LA Music Academy is on YouTube: www.YouTube.com/LAmusicacademy.

About Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music

LA Music Academy College of Music in Pasadena, a suburb of Los Angeles, CA, is regarded as one of the premiere music schools in the world, for students who desire an intimate and friendly, yet serious and rigorous contemporary music education. Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, the school offers A.A. degrees and diplomas in music production and music performance (drums, bass, guitar or vocals). Founded in 1996, the Academy has provided a solid musical foundation for more than 1,500 international and domestic students. The Academy offers a significant number of real world playing situations with professional musicians, not just peers, setting the school apart from other prestigious music institutions. LA Music Academy gives its students the skills necessary to apply their learning in a wide variety of professional situations in the music industry.

Media Contact:

Dan Grody, Tellem Grody PR, 310.313.3444

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-LAMA Staff








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