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World Premiere – New Mozart

Mozart’s new “single” is here, lol.  Seriously, this is pretty darn cool…from the LA Times:

Experts in Austria say they have identified a piano composition that they believe was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when the composer was as young as 10 years old…wrote the piece around 1767.

The newly discovered piece can be viewed at the link below; Allegro Molto in C Major as performed by pianist Florian Birsak. Drop it like it’s hot, Mozart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoTfvakQZXA&feature=youtu.be

-LAMA Staff

Do You Have Better Pitch Than These #Dogs?

This video making the rounds on social networks stars dogs (and one fearless bird) playing the piano by ear:

Wow. How many hours of training did this take?

-LAMA Staff

New Piano Juggler Class Announced

Not really…but if we had a piano juggler course, we’re pretty sure all of you would sign up. 😉

“Can Can” you pull this off?

-LAMA Staff

Darth Vader of Star Wars Plays Piano

Vader prepares his next piece...

A YouTube channel, “Vaderplaysforyou” — is gaining traction within the viral web. Seemingly pleasant in these videos (unlike his role in the Star Wars films), Darth rips through some classic tunes and even the Imperial March from the Star Wars soundtrack. Check out his rendition of the worldwide hit and bossa nova, The Girl from Ipanema:

Nordstrom Ditching In-Store Piano Players

Well this is no way to start our week! News came in today from LA Times’ Culture Monster that high-end department store Nordstrom is cutting back on its in-store piano players. For years, anyone who shopped Nordstrom’s was treated to live performances from traditional pianists who would often play jazz, classical and Broadway tunes…even pop. It was always a real treat for shoppers but according to a Nordstrom spokesman, the customers today prefer more contemporary, recorded music. Say it ain’t so!! Who are these people — we want to meet you 🙂

Anyway, the good news is they aren’t completely eliminating pianos from all the stores and some will still have pianists for special occasions. Read the full story here.

-LAMA Staff

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