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LAMA Vocalist Felicia Andolong Performs “Castles in the Sky”

It’s LAMA-Tube time! In this video, Felicia Andolong performs a beautiful rendition of “Castles in the Sky” during a recent LAMA Vocal Showcase (Spring 2013). The showcases are somewhat like an “American Idol” style format. After each performance, guest vocal judges Nick Cooper, Scott Wojahn and Windy Wagner joined LAMA’s Vocal Artist Development Director Dorian Holley to offer professional feedback. We’re so proud of Felicia’s hard work and solid execution of “Castles.” Check out her performance here:

-LAMA Staff

LAMA Grad Sings Anthem at Dodgers Game


Proud LAMA Grad, Jonathan Hernandez, was invited to sing the national anthem at Dodgers stadium last night by the Save a Warrior organization. He absolutely nailed it! His beautiful, strong voice and smooth, patient performance deserved the very nice ovation he received from the crowd in attendance (32K).  When he was done singing, Mary Hart (former host of Entertainment Tonight) offered him some major kudos!

Some of the LAMA staff joined Jonathan for his trip to the stadium. We received a visit from celebrities Chris Tucker and David Arquette, congratulating Jonathan on his performance. Baseball fans kept walking up to Jonathan during the game, asking for photos, congratulating him and complimenting him on his voice.

Jonathan, Iris, Wilber, Tom and Dan (who took that photo) were also shown on the Jumbotron for the whole stadium to see. What a blast! Check out some of the photos below, as well as a video during the performance:


Singing the Anthem!


and the rockets’ red glare!


David Arquette congratulates Jonathan


On the Jumbotron!

A little prep work with Nancy, organist for the Dodgers.

A little prep work with Nancy, organist for the Dodgers.

Jonathan enjoying a laugh with Chris Tucker

Jonathan enjoying a laugh with Chris Tucker

-LAMA Staff

Introducing: Gnesa

Watch out Rebecca Black. Here comes Gnesa! :-/

-LAMA Staff

Do You Have Better Pitch Than These #Dogs?

This video making the rounds on social networks stars dogs (and one fearless bird) playing the piano by ear:

Wow. How many hours of training did this take?

-LAMA Staff

LA Music Academy Vocal Showcase @ Noor

This video comes from the LA Music Academy Vocal Showcase at Noor in Pasadena, CA, earlier this year. It features Sam Machado singing I Don’t Wanna Be. LA Music Academy often showcases its students at local venues around Los Angeles and Pasadena. The next artist showcase is November 8, 2011 at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. See the flyer below the video for more information. Will we see you there?

-LAMA Staff

Never Drinking Again. (the musical)

Haha. Ha. We’ve heard it before… “Never drinking again!”

It’s Friday, let’s have some fun and erm, toast, to this entertaining musical:

-LAMA Staff

Singing with the Stars

LA Music Academy vocal instructor and artist development director Dorian Holley recently hosted his student’s performance finals at Noor in Pasadena, CA. The soon-to-be-alumni of the music college performed for Dorian and four guest judges — the featured singers on Dancing with the Stars including Darryl Phinnessee (Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey), Beverly Staunton (James Taylor, Martina McBride, Michael Buble), Carmen Carter (Queen Latifah, John Legend, Nelly Furtado) and Antonio Sol (Enrique Iglesias, Toni Braxton, Celia Cruz). Watch our video recap of the wonderful evening below:

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