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Legacy Artists Like Metallica Moving to Indie Labels

If you have been following anything on this blog you have seen the trends; everything is slowly but surely going the way of independence. Now it seems like even Metallica is getting in on the act! According to a recent Hypebot article:

The famed rockers from Metallica are gearing up for their first non-major label release – a live concert DVD / Blu-ray entitled “Quebec Magnetic”, which will be released on the band’s very own label in North America (no name for the label just yet). The material for the video was filmed over two nights in 2009 during the band’s Death Magnetic tour, and is due out on December 10th. This marks yet another recent departure by a legacy artist from the major labels, as several others are beginning to fancy the independent route.

This is fantastic news for independent artists! Even though this is a DVD release it could be a foreshadowing of what Metallica will be doing with their future audio recordings. It shows that everything we have been saying is proving right. A gigantic band like Metallica getting in on the indie action which can only mean good things for this community. The only question now is will the next Lou Reed collaboration be released independently as well?

To read the entire article please visit the Hypebot article here.

-LAMA Staff

The 5 Best Bass Guitar Solos On The Planet?

Save your guitar solos, your drum solos, and your vocal solos for another day. This is about that real low end…the bass! These are our 5 favorite bass solo videos on the planet. Let us know what you think! Turn that subwoofer up (or down):

1) John Entwistle from The Who Bass Solo at Royal Albert Hall

2) Billy Sheehan Bass Solo

3) Jason Newsted Bass Solo w/ Metallica

4) Victor Wooten Bass Solo

5) Bootsy Collins Bass Solo

Was that enough bass for you? Look for The 5 Best Bass Solos Part 2: Return Of The Thump soon!

You can also check out the instructors and tips/info for the LA Music Academy bass department here: http://bit.ly/Hk4kD9.

-LAMA Staff

5 Random Music Videos That We Love

We love YouTube. There has never been a better time for watching great videos. There has also never been a bigger distraction from getting things done! Despite the busy life at LAMA, we all deserve a bit of time to chill and enjoy random, amazing music videos.

GENE SIMMONS AND PAUL STANLEY OF KISS BICKER DURING INTERVIEW – You can cut through the tension between these two with a knife. Could the rumors be true that they don’t speak at all anymore? It wouldn’t surprise us from this video.

KIRK HAMMET OF METALLICA (UNINTENTIONALLY) KICKS A LITTLE GIRL ON STAGE – Ouch! That has to hurt. Nobody ever said Rock N’ Roll was safe! Don’t let your children near a Metallica stage.

THE LONELY ISLAND PERFORM “I’M ON A BOAT” – Frank Zappa famously said that humor belongs in music. We couldn’t agree more! This song always makes us giggle and we love the cameo by T-Pain!

FASTEST GUITAR SHREDDING EVER? – The jury is still out – but the guy definitely has some chops! What say you?

SLAYER MOSH PIT DURING “RAINING BLOOD” – Do we really need a reason to post this?

Hope you enjoy these videos. We might make this a weekly occurrence!

What are your favorite music videos or music-related videos?

-LAMA Staff

And Then Bill Bailey Says

He has a message for Metallica:

How many people have tried playing these bad boys? How many people who saw you thought you were crazy?

-LAMA Staff

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