Neat, New Gadgets for #Musicians (like #Ipad Drums)!

There may be no other group of people as gear obsessed as musicians. We buy guitar pedals, replace tubes, get the newest drum skins all in our quest for having the coolest sound. The last 10 years have been fascinating as the merging between computer technology and music gear has married happily.

Recently Fox News ran a great piece on some of the newest gear out there.  Check out the Ipad drum set shown in the video. We love the idea of being able to travel with a real-life practice pad. As any drummer knows lugging your “kit” around is one of the few downsides of providing the rhythm. Now if your band needs to run through a song all you need to bring along is your Ipad!

Click the image above or here to view the video.

-LAMA Staff

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2 responses to “Neat, New Gadgets for #Musicians (like #Ipad Drums)!”

  1. Cheaper Than A Shrink says :

    Wow that looks really cool. Kind of looks like the rock band drums. Defnitely a cool gadget and a great gift idea for men.

  2. Kamal Faizal says :

    Looks really great. And there is also the virtual keyboard. I hope I’ll get a chance to play it someday.

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